Rebuilding Communities

The “Rebuilding Communities” project is a vital initiative supporting forcibly displaced Armenians from Artsakh. Our goal is to empower 100 families by providing housing, sustainable livelihoods, energy independence, and essential furnishings. Beyond immediate relief, we aim to preserve, rebuild, and strengthen communities for a resilient future. 

Join us in creating lasting positive change.

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Rebuilding Communities: A Home and Livelihood Initiative for Forcibly Displaced Armenians from Artsakh.

Project Overview:

The “Rebuilding Communities” project is a holistic initiative dedicated to providing support and opportunities for forcibly displaced Armenians from Artsakh. Our mission is to empower 100 families with housing, sustainable livelihoods, energy independence, and essential furnishings, with the overarching goal of preserving, rebuilding, and strengthening their communities.

Project Components:

1. Housing Support:

  • Home Provision: 100 families will receive homes free of charge, granting them the rights and privileges of homeownership.
  • Village Relocation: We will purchase properties in existing villages, ensuring families can stay within their community or close to their original homes.

2. Economic Empowerment:

  • Livestock Assistance: Families with animal husbandry experience will receive support to acquire livestock for a sustainable source of income and food.
  • Tools for Trade: Displaced individuals involved in various crafts will receive assistance to obtain essential tools, aiding them in reestablishing their livelihoods.

3. Energy Independence:

  • Solar Water Heaters: A dedicated budget of $20,000 will install solar water heaters in homes, reducing energy costs and promoting energy independence.

4. Essential Furnishings:

  • Families will receive essential household items, enhancing their quality of life and ensuring a comfortable and functional household.

Project Impact:

The “Rebuilding Communities” project strives for significant outcomes:

  • Preservation of Communities: By providing homes and economic opportunities within or near original villages, we aim to keep communities intact.
  • Empowerment: Families will gain the means for self-sufficiency, reducing dependency on external aid.
  • Energy Sustainability: Solar water heaters promote eco-friendly solutions, lowering energy costs for families.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Essential furnishings contribute to a comfortable living environment, enhancing the well-being of displaced Armenians.

Join us in making a lasting impact. Together, we rebuild and strengthen communities.

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Rebuilding Communities

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Support the ‘Rebuilding Communities’ initiative, empowering displaced Armenians with housing, livelihoods, and energy independence.

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